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Frequently Asked Questions

What is important to know about Setare’s creations?

Each of our unique masterpieces is handcrafted with Gold 750 and Platinum 950. We maintain uncompromising standards and quality by only using premium-grade metal alloys. Additionally, our exceptional gemstones are accompanied by a certification from the most renowned and reputable international laboratories such as GIA, HRD, or Gubelin.

How will I receive my purchase?

As far as is practicable, our masterpieces are delivered in person. However, as a matter of convenience, we also use specialized carriers such as Brinks, Malca-Amit and Ferrari. The delivery arrangement will be detailed on purchase.

Payment Methods

Payments are made via bank transfer although other options such as credit card and PayPal will be forthcoming in due course.

How do I access Le salon?

Upon requesting an invitation, we will contact you to discuss your preferences and curate a private collection exclusively for you.
Obtain your invitation here Le Salon

Where is La Maison Sétaré Located?

Setare’s headquarters are located in central Hong Kong with associate offices in Dubai (UAE), Geneva (Switzerland), New York City (USA). To address our clientele’s needs, we schedule private viewings worldwide. Feel free to contact us at

Can I commission Sétaré to create my dream jewelry?

Absolutely, Sétaré is a specialist in designing and creating exceptional one-of-a-kind Haute-Joaillerie creations and we welcome inquiries.