Jewelry As Art

Setare’ approaches the handcrafting of fine jewelry as an art form, combining the unexpected in color and shape to redefine the presentation of precious stones. Traditional, makers of fine jewelry are cautious when working with rare gems, staying safely within the boundaries of what is know and accepted. The Setare’ design team works in the opposite direction, pushing the boundaries of what is ultimately possible when matching one rare gemstone to another, with the goal of creating something extraordinary.

The Setare collection exhibits an intuitive understanding of color, showcasing the entirety of the spectrum in its rarest, most spectacular forms: white diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and the ethereal beauty of colored diamonds. Every offering in the collection is a singular creation, the product of hundreds of hours of precision work to build a handcrafted piece that is unique and visually stunning.

Through creative vision and masterful craftsmanship, each gemstone’s highest potential for color, brilliance and luster is fully displayed in a uniquely personal and graciously wearable work of art.